4/23 Food Begins!

Having recently stumbled upon a quick and easy recipe for ciabatta (http://bit.ly/bwpv0p) Jerry and I decided to make chicken sandwiches. After buying a basil plant (who is, of course, name Basil), we got to work. Baking the ciabatta was incredibly easy and we managed to get 6 nice even sandwich-sized pieces out. Jerry marinated the chicken in sesame oil, soy sauce, chili powder, garlic, sea salt, and pepper, and it turned out amazing!

After adding some fresh mozzarella, basil from Basil, tomato, and barbecue sauce from Lil’ Porgies in Champaign-Urbana, we were ready to chow down!

If you have ever had a fresh sandwich at Panera, you can begin to understand the absolute heaven that these sandwishes were. fresh bread, freshly baked and carefully marinated chicken, home-grown basil, fresh tomato and mozzarella, all of these premium (but cheap!) ingredients coming together in a mouth-watering mix, pleasing the palette in every way. After two sandwiches each, we were so full and had to spend some time in a food coma.

As you can see, we could barely put down the sandwiches for long enough to take pictures of them. Feel free to try your own variations, the most important thing is the freshness! Strike when the ciabatta is still warm, and you will not forget the experience.


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