Deep Dish Pizza

Suddenly moving across the country can quickly teach someone the little things of a city that you can take for granted. While I can’t say we miss the frozen months served up during Chicago winters, Jerry and I agree that few things are more effective at fighting off Lake Michigan’s gusts of  liquid nitrogen than a helping of Deep Dish Pizza. To celebrate this amazing food in the Bay Area, Jerry and I decided to take matters into our own hands (restaurants that serve this are few and far).

Recipe adapted from here.

As with any pizza, the crust is the foundation that the house of flavor is built on, which is why we planned for this in advance. 24 hours before baking and serving, it was time to whip up the dough. This was the KitchenAid’s natural stomping ground

After sitting in the refrigerator overnight, I was glad it did not decide to crawl all the way out of my bowl and walk away. The following evening we  divided the dough in half, and placed them in well-greased 9″ cake pans and set to work of working the dough out from the center of the pans all the way to the edges. Working with a pan can be much easier than traditional disc crust. A lot less detail (and skill) is required to get proper coverage in order to set the stage for the toppings.

Remember, a pizza will only be as good as the ingredients you put into it! For ours, Jerry layered some freshly sliced mozzerlla and provolone, while I browned the spicy Italian sausage with some onions.

Jerry made the pilgrimage to Chicago for some famous Lou Malnati’s sauce (with tomatoes from California, ha!). Finishing the pizza was as simple as covering the cheese/toppings with sauce, and sprinkle with some fresh basil and Parmesan, and the pies were ready for baking.

25 minutes later, it felt like we just landed 2000 miles away. (Only thing missing is a nice cold Goose Island)

-John & Jerry

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