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DIY Macro Studio

The first project will be a macro studio made out of a cardboard box, some butcher paper, and construction paper. College life lends itself to all of these DIY projects, especially since college students move and have lots of cardboard boxes!

Once we got the box it was time to get to work. With my trusty X-Acto knife i took off two of the flaps and cut out square holes in 3 of the 4 sides.The holes were then covered with butcher paper. Since the butcher paper is translucent, you can shine lamps through it and get awesome detail on your subject.In the box we hung some more butcher paper across the back in order to be able to get that smooth white background that is the point of macro studios. Hopefully we will be able to replace that butcher paper with some more sturdy (and more colorful) posterboard, as we have found that the butcher paper does not have very good reflective properties (diffuse and specular components were too low, for any fans of OpenGL).

Once the box was all assembled, we lit it up with a desk lamp (all we had on hand…). In the future we hope to replace the desk lamp with an LED lamp and possibly some speedlights set around the edge, as well as experimenting with different colors of posterboard. Here is what the curent setup looks likeStay tuned for our next project: a DIY ring flash! Jerry ordered the parts, but these cheap component sites have a tendency to take forever to ship things… We may also attempt 2 different approaches, and see what works best! Me being the former Electrical Engineer that I am, want to make sure that we have proper Voltage levels, well connected circuits, an on/off switch, and possibly a dial to vary intensity. Till next time!