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Alton Brown’s Chocolate Mousse

What a beast

Well, all things must come to an end, and so we return from Summer vacation. Since Jerry has graduated and is now halfway across the country in sunny California, we have decided to start a sort of duel-of-the-blog-posts, wherein we alternate posting things, in a friendly (though competitive) manner. Noone knows how to win, or even what sort of point system there will be, but one thing is sure: deliciousness will follow.

A Glass of DeliciousnessTo kick off this competition, I thought I would take a leaf out of our favorite TV food personality, the Bill Nye of food science, Alton Brown. In his episode “The Art of Darkness” (Season 1, Episode 13), Mr. Brown delves into all things chocolate, and with warm Summer days drawing to an end, I though I would whip up some light summery chocolate mousse. This delicious recipe consists of semi-sweet chocolate chips, espresso, dark rum, heavy whipping cream, and gelatin. Mr. Brown introduced the technique of ‘folding’, which is a specific method of mixing the whipped cream into the liquid chocolate that preserves the light airiness of the cream, but still distributes the ingredients through the bowl. After an hour in the fridge, and with a garnish of raspberries and mint leaves, it was time to enjoy. And oh boy, did I ever. I’ll post my homemade pizza soon, let’s see if Jerry comes up with anything in the meantime…




Whoops! Amidst all the finals + moving out, we found ourselves a bit preoccupied to put up our latest drink/food creations. But the wait is over!
Maciek and I decided to make a break from our usual fare and venture in the category of the champagne cocktail. And of the champagne cocktails, there is no better place to start than the Bellini.
The Bellini cocktail was invented sometime in the 30’s/40’s in Venice, Italy by a man named Giuseppe Cipriani. Apparently melding peach and champagne was a good idea as it became a favorite of the literary greats Ernest Hemingway and Sinclair Lewis. (Source: The IBA recipe calls for a 2:1 ratio of champagne to peach puree but we like to put our own twist on things. So here’s our version:
J&M Bellini
  • 1/2 oz. Peach Puree
  • 1/4 oz. Peach Schnapps
  • 3 oz. Prosecco (or Champagne if you have $)
  • Orange Bitters
  • Lemon
A pretty simple recipe: start off pureeing a peach in a blender/food processor. Chill a champagne glass in the freezer or with ice. Add in the prosecco/champagne, followed by the peach schnapps, peach puree, and a splash of orange bitters. Stir lightly with a spoon/chopstick/anything. Twist a thin lemon peel over the glass to release essential oils. Garnish and enjoy.
The Bellini is very refreshing drink–peach and sparking white wine do indeed make a good pair.  The schnapps served to add a tinge of additional sweetness and the orange bitters give it a slight citrus overtone.  Overall, a very drinkable fizzy cocktail and worth trying out.


Welcome to Jerry & Maciek’s adventures! This blog will be dedicated to all things food, drink, photography, or anything else that strikes our fancy. Hope you enjoy!